Fujitsu Social Digital Twin Platform

The World and Technology of Social Digital Twin

What is Social Digital Twin?

Fujitsu uses Converging Technologies (*), which combine humanities and social sciences like behavioral economics with computer science to accurately predict and digitally reproduce people's actions. The company also conducts research on Social Digital Twin, which uses people's behavioral characteristics as a base to visualize future actions and possible risks, supporting the establishment of various policies and measures.

(*) Converging Technologies: Technologies that combine science and technology from at least two different disciplines in order to achieve a specific goal. They involve research and development in fields that merge humanities and social sciences with computer science in order to solve diverse and increasingly complex urban challenges with the ultimate aim of realizing a sustainable society.

What is Digital Rehearsal?

Digital Rehearsal, achieved with Social Digital Twin, is the first technology in the world to enable the search for optimal policies and measures before applying them to the real world. It achieves this by reproducing the behaviors of people and society on an urban stage in a digital space, allowing users to gauge the effects and impacts of policies and measures under consideration.

Social Digital Twin Services to solve social issues


Optimal Shared Mobility Deployment

Experience digital rehearsal for mobility-related social measures.

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Re-Design Assistance
for Public Transportation

When considering the introduction of new transportation such as on-demand shared transportation in a region, SDT Digital Rehearsal makes it possible to evaluate the expected revenue and service quality of the transportation in advance.

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Disaster Resilience and Recovery Plans

When infrastructure facilities are damaged due to a disaster, SDT can support the creation of a plan to prioritize and restore services to important locations, allowing to quickly provide relief to many disaster victims.

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